The Best Type of Hardwood Flooring for a Baby’s Room

Having a new baby is a joyous occasion, and you want to make sure the room you have selected for your little bundle of joy is perfect as can be. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for a baby’s room because hardwood doesn’t harbor dust and debris like carpet does, thus eliminating potential irritants and allergens. Here are things you should look for when choosing hardwood for your new baby’s living space.


Texture is key when picking hardwood flooring New York for your baby’s room. The reason for this is that your baby will eventually be moving around and you want to make sure they don’t slip around on the floor and get hurt. Traditional hardwood can be slick, especially when it is finished, so stick with a textured variety, such as reclaimed barn wood or even bamboo. The texture will help keep your baby on their feet when they get to cruising around.


You want to choose hard woods that will not dent easily for your baby’s room. Consider classic pine, walnut, or maple woods for hardwood over redwood or purple heart. The floors will last much longer this way and allow you to transition baby’s room into a toddler or older child room much more easily in the future.


Your budget should always come into play when choosing a type of hardwood for a baby’s room. You want to invest the funds you have available wisely, so stick to budget-friendly woods if you don’t have a lot to spend on hardwood flooring. Pine is the best choice and is a very common option. You can have pine hardwood stained any hue you wish to best match the style of your baby’s room.

Your baby’s room can simply shine with the right hardwood flooring installed. If you are still unsure about the kind of flooring you want in your home, talk to your contractor about your options. They can help you choose the best type of wood for your baby’s room.

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