Some Basic Facts About Vaping

Vaping is the inhaling of water vapor. Many people use the process for relaxation, pleasure and meditation. Many users of e-cigarettes also use the process to help them break an addiction to nicotine and tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is very much like smoking but without many of the dangers. The user sucks in and blows out water vapor yet get the ‘throat hit’ many people enjoy. Many people that vape use electronic cigarettes, Vape Mods or Advanced Personal Vaporizers also known as AVPs or Vape Pens. These devices have an electronic heat source and a cartridge of e-juice that together create flavored water vapor.

The Way It Feels

Many people say vaping feels just like smoking. Those using it as part of their attempt to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes say the process of holding the device between their fingers and putting it in their mouths and pulling mimics smoking and makes braking the smoking habit easier. People that vape for pleasure, relaxation or meditations say it simply provides them with an enjoyable sensation. One which encourages and enhances deep breathing and allows them to relieve and release stress and tension


E-juice is the liquid which is used with many vaping devices. This is an important part of the experience. When the user sucks on the device, the e-juice heats up and turns to steam which the user inhales then exhales. E-juice commonly has 4 basic ingredients. They are a natural or artificial flavoring, vegetable glycerin, Propylene glycol(also used in asthma and albuterol inhalers) and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. The amount of nicotine in the e-juice varies from 36 milligrams per milliliter to none at all. E-juice with 6 milligrams per milliliter of less of nicotine is the best seller.

Why People Choose To Vape

People like vaping for many and diverse reasons. Some find the experience relaxing and enjoyable. Others like that the water vapor disappears in seconds without a trace. Still others like the control over the nicotine content it offers. Some people like the wide range of flavors available. Many people find vaping helps them stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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