Mass Extinctions Of Flora And Fauna Till Date

Most often do we talk about extinctions of some specific creatures. But here you will get to know about the multiple extinctions of whole life around the earth. You would be surprised to know that 99% of all the animal lives that have ever lived on earth are extinct already. Natural calamities, sometimes with their drastic and destructive effect, annihilate the entire life in a short period of time. Presenting below the unbelievable mass extinctions of lives on earth.

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The Ordovician Extinction (440 Millions Years Ago)

Water creatures were only the ones that time to be called living organisms. Newly formed volcanic rocks were brought down by wind and water which with carbon dioxide reacted and absorbed it. This caused the scarcity of CO2 which in turn made the shallow seas frozen as temperature fell greatly. Cycles of frozen glaciers led to 86% of extinction of those creatures in shallow seas.

374 Millions Years Ago

It took millions of years to organisms to repopulate under sea. Fishes in sea accompanied with early plants on land which were eaten by crawling and flying insects. These plants changed the land composition and drain the nutrients into water which led to the overpopulation of algae. Algae sucked up the oxygen from sea which consequently became the reason for extinction of half of the underwater creatures.

Permian Extinction (250 Millions Years Ago)

This mass extinction was caused by billions of tonnes of volcanic gases which damaged the ozone layer, increasing the global temperature incredibly. It resulted in global acid rain which ruined about 70% of land life and 95% of water life.

200 Millions Years Ago

It was the dinosaur age which probably evolved with some little dinosaurs on land. A rift caused by volcanic actions split the earth and formed Atlantic ocean. Those deadly eruptions caused deaths of almost 80% lives that time. Then in 135 millions years earth witnessed the giant creatures probably the largest land species- dinosaurs. It is believed that an asteroid falling into earth caused the extinction of the all the dinosaurs species.


In the next 65 millions years evolved the mammals including whales, horse and of course the most intelligent humans. We are exterminating lives at a quite higher rate than the above natural destruction by our interference in ecosystem. And it is believed that if this interference continued, in a few hundreds years the history will repeat itself again with a mass extinction.

Craziest Mass Extinction In The History Of Earth: Watch Video

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