Keeping it Local- A Small Business Story

While very large corporations seem to be on nothing but the rise, small businesses seem to be struggling to survive. There a lot of reasons why small businesses are important for a local economy. A small business will also tend to provide a more personal experience with shopping. The owner tends to be able to learn some people’s names and faces, as this may be crucial to their survival. Here are some reasons why local businesses are important overall.

A grants for small business can also create opportunity to for not only themselves but also create one for the customer to benefit. They create their own opportunity to make their living and be able to become a sole proprietor to work on their own terms. They also benefit the customer by providing unique and often homemade goods that give their stock more of a personality. Sometimes prices at small businesses can be a little higher than at the large chain store that gets their goods in bulk, but it allows smaller areas and towns to be self reliant on its people and on itself.

Local Economy
When a customer chooses to shop at local businesses they are feeding money back into their local economy. People in the area are more likely to spend their money back at other small businesses in the same area. This can keep revenue up for a certain area and keep the local economy flowing longer. This once again allows more self reliance to the town or area.

The Dream
A small business is what many people wish to have at some point or another in their lives. Owning a small business can keep their dream alive. When it is someone’s dream to own a small business it tends to make them more motivated in assuring quality in not only the products that they sell, but also in the customer service that they are able to give.

These are all reasons why a customer should consider supporting local businesses in their area. Large chain stores sometimes seem to pop up out of nowhere, increasing the people’s reliance on them for their goods, and decreasing self reliability for the whole town itself.

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