4 Common Myths Regarding Medical Marijuana You Should Be Aware Of

The 21st century encompasses the era of development and advancements. Not only within the technological arena but also in various other fields like industry, construction, scientific research and last but not the least, medicine. There have been substances and drugs which have been proscribed in medical science from early days. But recently, it has come to light that many such substances actually do contain healing or pain-relief properties. With innovation in the understanding of the effects and after-effects of various substances, many utilities related to previously banned substances have come to light.

One such substance is Marijuana or Cannabis, also popularly known as weed. We have been institutionalized to associate Marijuana with drug abuse, due to popular culture, stringent government measures in the past as well as the stigma associated with it. But as of late, many state administrations and national/local governments have legalized the use of Marijuana for medical and recreational (limited) purposes. It has been found that it is quite effective in providing relief to glaucoma patients by relieving the pressure on the optic nerve. Doctors advise their patients to inhale cannabis in order to lower the intensity of pain. But with such drastic change in the status of Marijuana, it is natural yet disturbing, that so many myths have become associated with it. Let’s have a look here at a few of those myths:

1. CANNABIS IS TOO DANGEROUS: With the rather incorrect overlapping of Marijuana with drug abuse and the serious yet false overtones of overdoses and toxicity have lent rather a bad name to Marijuana. But it must be clarified that it has almost zero or no toxicity with relation to other such drugs. Also, it does not pose the danger of addiction as the risk of dependence liability is less than ten percent when dealing with Marijuana and its inhalation. Hence, medical marijuana Toronto can lead you to have a better life with no risk involved at all.

2. NO SCIENTIFIC STUDY: Marijuana has been consumed by various cultures and in a number of civilization is many different ways. Be it spiritual, medicinal, recreational or even psychological motivations that have driven the populace to latch onto it. Therefore, it has been among the most studied substances in the history of the earth. There are large of study reviews available online which provide vital information regarding its uses, effects, and composition. Nearly half have been published within the last decade. So, the reality is that there is a lot of awareness and debate regarding Marijuana usage and awareness spread by medical marijuana Toronto which is leading to the constructive development of legal aspects of its usage.

3. SMOKING MARIJUANA HARMS THE LUNGS: Vaping Marijuana in no way harms the pulmonary tracts at a level comparable to that associated with tobacco smoking or other harmful smoking habits. Moreover, long-term usage has been found to have no effect and be unrelated to lung cancer-related incidents even among those study/test subjects who have admitted on record to having smoked over 22,000 joints over their lifetimes.

4. NO MEDICINE IS INHALED/ SMOKED: This is simply a case of ignorance as medicines related to asthma or bronchitis. Such inhalation is actually beneficial as it assists in the rapid onset of the therapy and with the medicine mixing with blood faster, when it is inhaled, it is actually a source of instant relief. If Marijuana is taken in like any other medicine, in a controlled manner with safeguards, it has the capability to behave responsibly once inside the body.

In this way, even though many would argue that it is not FDA approved, it can be countered with the fact that FDA traditionally approves artificial drugs formulated by medicine companies. Marijuana being a natural organic product is outside the current purview of such authorities. And this fact is unknown to the interested parties at large as laid out by medical marijuana Toronto.

The need of the hour is to do away with such myths and support the onset of a revolution in medicine and lend your voice to furthering the movement of weed. After all, as seasoned vapers say, joints are love, pot never hurt anyone, and weed is life.