Mass Extinctions Of Flora And Fauna Till Date

Most often do we talk about extinctions of some specific creatures. But here you will get to know about the multiple extinctions of whole life around the earth. You would be surprised to know that 99% of all the animal lives that have ever lived on earth are extinct already. Natural calamities, sometimes with their drastic and destructive effect, annihilate the entire life in a short period of time. Presenting below the unbelievable mass extinctions of lives on earth.

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The Ordovician Extinction (440 Millions Years Ago)

Water creatures were only the ones that time to be called living organisms. Newly formed volcanic rocks were brought down by wind and water which with carbon dioxide reacted and absorbed it. This caused the scarcity of CO2 which in turn made the shallow seas frozen as temperature fell greatly. Cycles of frozen glaciers led to 86% of extinction of those creatures in shallow seas.

374 Millions Years Ago

It took millions of years to organisms to repopulate under sea. Fishes in sea accompanied with early plants on land which were eaten by crawling and flying insects. These plants changed the land composition and drain the nutrients into water which led to the overpopulation of algae. Algae sucked up the oxygen from sea which consequently became the reason for extinction of half of the underwater creatures.

Permian Extinction (250 Millions Years Ago)

This mass extinction was caused by billions of tonnes of volcanic gases which damaged the ozone layer, increasing the global temperature incredibly. It resulted in global acid rain which ruined about 70% of land life and 95% of water life.

200 Millions Years Ago

It was the dinosaur age which probably evolved with some little dinosaurs on land. A rift caused by volcanic actions split the earth and formed Atlantic ocean. Those deadly eruptions caused deaths of almost 80% lives that time. Then in 135 millions years earth witnessed the giant creatures probably the largest land species- dinosaurs. It is believed that an asteroid falling into earth caused the extinction of the all the dinosaurs species.


In the next 65 millions years evolved the mammals including whales, horse and of course the most intelligent humans. We are exterminating lives at a quite higher rate than the above natural destruction by our interference in ecosystem. And it is believed that if this interference continued, in a few hundreds years the history will repeat itself again with a mass extinction.

Craziest Mass Extinction In The History Of Earth: Watch Video

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How IoT Has Reshaped IP Address Management Software Industry?

IP address management software

IoT or Internet of Things has made quite a large impact across the globe. Even though industry experts in the beginning ruled out any major implication of the wearable smart devices that uses the Internet for providing additional services to the users. Initially the devices generally acted as mere accessory to another smart device that can operate independently.

However, as technology has evolved, we have more devices under the IoT segment that are capable of independent operation and provide exceptional services. This has raised the number of users and has opened up the market for IoT considerably. With the popularity of IoT increasing there has been considerable increase of demand for more IP addresses. As has already been declared, the last of the IPv4 addresses have been allocated and it is just a matter of time before there is no more IPv4 address to assign to any new device. This has created the obvious need to shift towards the new addressing protocol, IPv6.

How IPv6 is defining the IP address management industry growth?

It should be kept in mind that IPv6 is quite different as compared to IPv4. IPv4 used the decimal system to create a four segment address system that identified the various devices accessing the Internet as well as the address of the servers. IPv6 uses the hexadecimal system for addressing. The entire address is segmented into eights parts. This allows the inclusion of a much higher number of devices and the capacity of the IP address allocation system increases considerably.

As we begin 2017, the number of devices interacting with the internet is on the rise at a rapid rate. IoT has led to this rapid growth and have quite clearly hastened forward the date when IPv6 is going to be the only option available. The huge number of IP address requirement has made IP address management software an absolute necessity.

IP address management software makes it possible for any organization to monitor its entire network much more efficiently. Even with the various smart devices accessing the Internet an efficient IP address management system is able to allocate IP addresses and keep track of the activities happening within the network. The IPAM software is also responsible for ensuring prevention of IP address conflicts. With the integration of DHCP and DNS the IPAM software helps prevent unauthorized access into the network and thereby ensuring higher security.

The fast growth of IoT has resulted in higher rate of IPv6 adoption. This has further assisted the growth and development of the IPAM industry. IP address management software available earlier was able to work with IPv4 mostly. However, the use of IPv6 has led to development of IPAM software that will ensure allocation of IPv6 addresses and well.

Any business can only sustain through constant development and evolution. It is high time that modern IP address management software make it to the organizations if they already have not. IoT certainly shows a bright future. This opens up new horizons and better opportunities for the business organizations.

How To Increase The Life Of Your Roof By Regular Care And Maintenance?

Repairing a roof or getting a new roof can be quite expensive. It can cause a hole in your pocket and having to do the same repairs once every few years can prove to be extremely expensive. No one really wants to spend majorly on the same thing often and the one thing you can do to avoid frequent roof repairs is to maintain the existing good quality or new roof.

A little bit of care can go a long way in maintaining your roof over a long period of time, saving you the money and effort in getting it repaired.

So, when do you have to start the maintenance process for your roof? Maybe after the first year? Or the first few months?


Your roof requires attention from the first day of its installation. If you didn’t get a new roof and you are just realizing the need for maintaining your existing roof, then start today. The sooner the better, always.

The first step in maintaining and caring for your roof is to pay attention to it. Conduct self-inspections once a month or every two weeks to determine if there are any damages or other problems in the roof. Finding the problem early can make it easier to fix the roof before the damage expands. Schedule a proper roof inspection by a professional roofing Toronto once a year or every six months to thoroughly inspect your roof and detect problems. They can detect problems easily with their professional eye and prevent the roof from further damage.

The next thing you can do is to clean your roof regularly. This seems like a reasonable thing to do to keep it maintained because with the ever-increasing pollution, our roof takes all the heat for us and accumulates a lot of dust. Algae and moss grow on roofs, especially in moist conditions and they can damage your roof if unnoticed. There are plenty of ways to clean your roof and following the right method is important. Cleaning in the wrong way can do more harm than good. Using bleach, for example, can weaken your roof. So, it is always good to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your roof once in a while.

Another common mistake that we all tend to do is putting extra weight on our roof. Walking or standing on the roof should be avoided at all costs because unlike a professional, we do not know which part of the roof can support extra weight. Professionals are experienced in such things and know exactly where to put there foot while cleaning or repairing. The extra knowledge is what makes them a professional.

Using a licensed roofing professional or roofer is important because there a lot of people out there who claim to know what they’re doing, when they clearly don’t. Though it can be expensive to regularly hire a professional and you might consider saving that money, it is important to understand that maintaining your roof is an investment and you’re only saving yourself from a bigger expenditure in the future.

Keeping it Local- A Small Business Story

While very large corporations seem to be on nothing but the rise, small businesses seem to be struggling to survive. There a lot of reasons why small businesses are important for a local economy. A small business will also tend to provide a more personal experience with shopping. The owner tends to be able to learn some people’s names and faces, as this may be crucial to their survival. Here are some reasons why local businesses are important overall.

A grants for small business can also create opportunity to for not only themselves but also create one for the customer to benefit. They create their own opportunity to make their living and be able to become a sole proprietor to work on their own terms. They also benefit the customer by providing unique and often homemade goods that give their stock more of a personality. Sometimes prices at small businesses can be a little higher than at the large chain store that gets their goods in bulk, but it allows smaller areas and towns to be self reliant on its people and on itself.

Local Economy
When a customer chooses to shop at local businesses they are feeding money back into their local economy. People in the area are more likely to spend their money back at other small businesses in the same area. This can keep revenue up for a certain area and keep the local economy flowing longer. This once again allows more self reliance to the town or area.

The Dream
A small business is what many people wish to have at some point or another in their lives. Owning a small business can keep their dream alive. When it is someone’s dream to own a small business it tends to make them more motivated in assuring quality in not only the products that they sell, but also in the customer service that they are able to give.

These are all reasons why a customer should consider supporting local businesses in their area. Large chain stores sometimes seem to pop up out of nowhere, increasing the people’s reliance on them for their goods, and decreasing self reliability for the whole town itself.

The Best Type of Hardwood Flooring for a Baby’s Room

Having a new baby is a joyous occasion, and you want to make sure the room you have selected for your little bundle of joy is perfect as can be. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for a baby’s room because hardwood doesn’t harbor dust and debris like carpet does, thus eliminating potential irritants and allergens. Here are things you should look for when choosing hardwood for your new baby’s living space.


Texture is key when picking hardwood flooring New York for your baby’s room. The reason for this is that your baby will eventually be moving around and you want to make sure they don’t slip around on the floor and get hurt. Traditional hardwood can be slick, especially when it is finished, so stick with a textured variety, such as reclaimed barn wood or even bamboo. The texture will help keep your baby on their feet when they get to cruising around.


You want to choose hard woods that will not dent easily for your baby’s room. Consider classic pine, walnut, or maple woods for hardwood over redwood or purple heart. The floors will last much longer this way and allow you to transition baby’s room into a toddler or older child room much more easily in the future.


Your budget should always come into play when choosing a type of hardwood for a baby’s room. You want to invest the funds you have available wisely, so stick to budget-friendly woods if you don’t have a lot to spend on hardwood flooring. Pine is the best choice and is a very common option. You can have pine hardwood stained any hue you wish to best match the style of your baby’s room.

Your baby’s room can simply shine with the right hardwood flooring installed. If you are still unsure about the kind of flooring you want in your home, talk to your contractor about your options. They can help you choose the best type of wood for your baby’s room.

Explosion of Vaping Culture

Vaping is something that has absolutely exploded over the last handful of years, as more and more people are making the decision to stop smoking cigarettes and deciding to start vaping. If you don’t know what vaping is, it is essentially smoking out of a vaporizer, which is a piece that vaporizes a liquid that contains nicotine, delivering the same feeling that would be derived from smoking a cigarette. There are a handful of benefits that can easily be seen, which are some of the biggest reasons that vaping has taken off so dramatically recently. The first thing is the fact that there is no tar that is being inhaled, meaning there is less of a chance that there is going to be any cough as a result of smoking. This is a big advantage to anyone that has suffered with a cough, as they can almost certainly eliminate it by switching to vaping. There are also a huge amount of people that have picked up vaping, without ever having smoked cigarettes in the past, as there are a huge amount of younger people that are starting to use vaporizer Toronto.

There is a lot of debate as to whether or not this is a good or bad thing. Some people think that these people would never have smoked anything in the first place, leading to a bad habit. Other people seem to think that the same people would likely have been smoking cigarettes and based on the widespread belief that it is safe to smoke out of a vaporizer, as opposed to smoking regular tobacco, it is the lesser of the two evils. Both sides can be debated, but one of the things that is interesting about vaporizers and the entire vaping culture in general, is the fact that there have not been too many tests that have been conducted in the long term scheme of things. There are a lot of tests out there that show less harm to the body, but vaporizers have not been around and in use for a very long time, leading to a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the detriment caused as a result of vaporizers.

DNS Firewalls: Avoid Risk

It’s a priority that businesses protect their computer networks and applications. When a business has a DNS Firewall they are less likely to encounter cyber threats. More than 70% of business without a DNS Firewall currently put their business at risk of losing critical company information.

Avoid Risks

Businesses without the protection of DNS firewall can avoid headaches and heartbreak by simply learning how they can install a digital wall of protection for their businesses. In any case businesses should have a DNS Firewall that is easy to use, as a result of easy to follow training. Systems that give users the latest information on how their system operates in real time do not necessarily consume a lot of time trying to learn them.

Along the way a DNS Firewall system may require updates and may need to be able to download new information. Users should make sure that their system is not weighed down by unnecessary information. Many systems in the market allow users to delete and destroy reports and data that they don’t need.

Be mindful of who is allowed to access information on the DNS Firewall system that your business operates. Internally protecting information is the first step to creating a wall of protection for any business.

Compare and Contrast

Online resources give businesses the right tools to be able to analyze and distinguish the differences between DNS Firewall systems that are on the market. Businesses should be able to compare the benefits of having a suitable system against anything bad that could happen without one. The results of the comparison should be obvious, because no business owner should ever think of something bad happening with their business as being a benefit.

Many times the marketplace is determined because of the price of a firewall system. Looking at a company’s track record for the technology that they have produced is also a good way of determining a fair value of the firewall system of interest.

Some Basic Facts About Vaping

Vaping is the inhaling of water vapor. Many people use the process for relaxation, pleasure and meditation. Many users of e-cigarettes also use the process to help them break an addiction to nicotine and tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is very much like smoking but without many of the dangers. The user sucks in and blows out water vapor yet get the ‘throat hit’ many people enjoy. Many people that vape use electronic cigarettes, Vape Mods or Advanced Personal Vaporizers also known as AVPs or Vape Pens. These devices have an electronic heat source and a cartridge of e-juice that together create flavored water vapor.

The Way It Feels

Many people say vaping feels just like smoking. Those using it as part of their attempt to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes say the process of holding the device between their fingers and putting it in their mouths and pulling mimics smoking and makes braking the smoking habit easier. People that vape for pleasure, relaxation or meditations say it simply provides them with an enjoyable sensation. One which encourages and enhances deep breathing and allows them to relieve and release stress and tension


E-juice is the liquid which is used with many vaping devices. This is an important part of the experience. When the user sucks on the device, the e-juice heats up and turns to steam which the user inhales then exhales. E-juice commonly has 4 basic ingredients. They are a natural or artificial flavoring, vegetable glycerin, Propylene glycol(also used in asthma and albuterol inhalers) and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. The amount of nicotine in the e-juice varies from 36 milligrams per milliliter to none at all. E-juice with 6 milligrams per milliliter of less of nicotine is the best seller.

Why People Choose To Vape

People like vaping for many and diverse reasons. Some find the experience relaxing and enjoyable. Others like that the water vapor disappears in seconds without a trace. Still others like the control over the nicotine content it offers. Some people like the wide range of flavors available. Many people find vaping helps them stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Top Cash Loans

Consumers face financial troubles and wonder if they will ever dig their way out of debt. Of course, some might qualify for the traditional loans. However, this requires a good credit history and higher credit score. In addition, it might take several weeks for the traditional loan to process and receive the cash. Fortunately, there are plenty of loan options available for the consumer to consider Let’s take a closer look at a few of the more popular cash loans.

Quick Cash Loans
The quick cash loan option is perfect for the individuals that find themselves in a sudden financial crunch. For example, their car breaks down and it is the only way that they are able to get to work. They need cash fast. A heater breaks down in the middle of the winter or an air conditioner stops working in the middle of the summer. These situations require quick cash loans because they require money to be paid promptly for services rendered. The fact is that people in a financial crunch should not hesitate to consider this very convenient option. Generally, these are online loans that are available on websites. The individual fills out their personal information and proof that they are employed, before submitting online. After approval, the money is sent electronically to the applicant’s bank account.

Credit Card Loans
Any individual that holds a credit card, might prefer this option. They might prefer to get a cash advance off the card. In reality, this is just another form of loan. It is easy and very convenient. Perfect for emergency situations. However, the interest rates are probably a bit higher than a regular loan. Nevertheless, it is still a very good option for anyone that needs cash loans fast.

Bank Loans
There is no getting around the fact that more traditional loans are here to stay. Traditional bank loans are perfect for the individual with a good credit history and a good credit score. Of course, the applicant will have to put up with a lot of red tape, filling out numerous forms, and long delays. Still, taking out this type of loan is a good way to purchase big ticket items, while building a good credit history.

Benefits of E-cigs

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave over the last several years, there is a good chance that you have heard about electronic cigarettes, which are commonly referred to as an e-cig. These electronic machines are hand held and often resemble the looks of a cigarette, although there are quite a few larger models that have come out, which deliver a kick of nicotine. This is accomplished through a heating element, which is embedded in the device, which vaporizes the e-liquid, which is a liquid that contains the actually nicotine. A great deal of smokers have made the switch over to using these devices for a variety of reasons, although there are still a great deal of people who have not gotten on board and prefer traditional cigarettes.

Health Benefits
One one the biggest advantages of using an e cigarettes is the fact that you are not going to be actually smoking and the result is that you are not going to be inhaling a huge amount of tar. Tar cakes on the lungs when regular cigarettes are smoked, which can lead to a huge amount of health problems in life, including lung cancer and emphysema. This is a huge reason that a lot of people have made the switch and while it is difficult to say that there is zero harm that is delivered through the smoking of an e-cig, it is solid to say that those people who smoke e-cigs will be able to breathe better, as they won’t have tar build up.

No Smoking Zones
Another massive reason that people have started smoking e-cigs, even if they still prefer to smoke regular cigarettes, is the fact that there are a huge amount of places where smoking is not allowed these days. However, in these no smoking zones, a great deal of them will still allow a person to smoke an e-cig. This allows smokers the ability to continue to smoke in areas that would not have previously allowed them to, which is a huge bonus to a great deal of people that get sick and tired of not being able to smoke where they please.