7 Countries And Their Weird Laws That’ll Leave You in Shocks


When we talk about laws, it means that we are talking about something that will hold true for the greater good for people as a whole. However, in some parts of the world, the laws are made and they surely mean no good for the common people. Following are some of them after reading which you can decide yourself for the implications of these laws:

1. Dubai Extramarital Sex Law

As per the law in Dubai, if someone has sex outside marriage, they are punishable by imprisonment of one year. Also, if there is a case of rape, the victim, as well as the perjuror, will be imprisoned.

2. Saudi Arabia Marriage Law

In Saudi Arabia, there is no law stating the minimum age for marriage. In 2008, an 8-year old girl was denied divorce with a husband of 58 years old.

3. The Philippines and The Vatican

These are two places wherein divorce is considered an illegal element. So, you have to be married to a person even if you are facing anything or simply even if you are unhappy. By providing DNS protection to your system, you can safely surf the net to study more about such laws.

4. China

It is considered to be illegal in China not to visit the parents regularly. They are liable to be punished if they fail to visit and also, People are needed to fulfill the spiritual requirements of their parents in their old age.

5. South Carolina

This place has a law called “mock proposal” law. As per this law, an individual above 16 years of age is not allowed by law to propose anyone if they do not really mean it. They are punishable in such cases.

6. Montana

Here, there is a law called “proxy weddings”. As per this, even if the husband and groom are absent from the wedding, the wedding is still considered to be valid. This law is allowed for those who are in military service.

7. Arizona

In Arizona, it is punishable by law if you possess vibrators more than two in number. It is considered as a criminal possession there and is liable to be punished.

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